WorldwideBrazilBrazil FC Index Of Football Chants

FanChants Brazil FC Index Of Football Chants

Brazil FanChants FC Index of the top football chants. Our unique formula for listing the top soccer songs as and when they come out.

125 Santos Brazil I Will Sing to the Whole World Santos Fans declaring love to their club. Playlist
126 Brazil Brazil Le Le Oh Brazil! Brazil! Playlist
215 Brazil Brazil The Champion Is Back Come back champion Playlist
370 Corinthians Brazil 1 2 3 Bicharada Is a Customer Corinthians always defeat São Paulo (Bicharada). In Brazil, when a club always loses to another one, the defeated team is called FREGUÊS (like a customer, client) Playlist
417 Brazil Brazil Jump off the Floor Get up and play Playlist
421 Náutico Brazil Nautico! Nautico Playlist
468 Brazil Brazil Only Two Cups NEW The rivalry between Brazil and Argentina continues. Playlist
486 Brazil Brazil Who Bore You? Brazilian cursing Spanish Playlist
502 Corinthians Brazil Those Not Supporting Corinthians... Corinthians' fans singing to other teams' supporters Playlist
525 Palmeiras Brazil Palmeiras I Worship You Song from 2015 from the Palmeiras fans Playlist
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570 Palmeiras Brazil The Green Patch is here Go, go, go Playlist
582 Corinthians Brazil Chopp Chopp Chopp Coringão Chopp, a special group of Corinthians Playlist
594 Cruzeiro Brazil Ae Ae Ae Ae Cruzeiro Cruzeiro Oh Oh Oh Provoking the opponent football association fan called "Galoucura", usually cruzeiro fans refers to them as street dogs. Playlist
616 Atlético Mineiro Brazil Douglas Santos! Crowd singing to encourage the left-back Douglas Santos. Playlist
623 Santos Brazil The Lily Delirium Santos Tune About Drugs Playlist
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